St George's Playgroup

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St George’s Playgroup is a registered charity, managed by an elected committee of parents, and run by 4 permanent members of staff with the support of different volunteers each day. We are a friendly and extremely well organised setting situated in St George’s Bicentennial Church Hall in Altrincham.


We are a long established playgroup offering Ofsted inspected childcare for children aged 2-4 years at an affordable price. We provide nursery education for children aged from two up to school age, and currently have up to 30 children in attendance each morning. We provide a safe, homely setting for children to enjoy their first steps into education. We promote equality of access and opportunity for all children to learn and make progress irrespective of their age, gender, attainment, special educational needs or competence in English.


As a charity, we rely on fundraising to keep us going. We hold various fundraising events during the year, including regulars like bake sales, bag making, toddle waddles and summer fairs. Parents are encouraged to attend and help out with all of these events where possible. We also ask for a suggested donation of £10( per year) which goes towards the cost of providing resources for baking, play dough, items for our making table and gardening equipment. If you are a UK taxpayer, please gift aid your donation.


We also ask parents to help at a couple of morning sessions per term. Most parents thoroughly enjoy their time volunteering at these sessions, and appreciate an insider's glance into how their little ones' mornings are spent.